Turn your pet into your favorite mosaic

Let’s be honest, your dog has been waiting for a chance to model nude!

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How It Works

Capture your pet in craft in 3 simple steps:

 • It all starts with a picture

Upload a picture of your pet, from your phone or computer. 

• Select your size, color and medium

Select your size and color and choose your medium from marble, glass or stone.

 • Receive Your Mosaic

After you approve the digital sketch, we will craft your mosaic and deliver it to you within 3 to 4 weeks. 

What To Expect?



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A mosaic can be the most genuine way to show off your love for your beloved pet. Here’s why:

  • Have his likeness captured in craft
  • It'll help you become a trendsetter
  • Perfect for dogless dog lovers
  • Immortalize your furry friend


They are more than just pets, they are part of the family, and a mosaic is so much more than just a copy of your photo, here’s how:

  • Prices are very reasonable
  • Every mosaic portrait is unique
  • Hand made using natural stones
  • Withstand the test of time

Get Inspired


One of our custom mosaics, handcrafted using natural marble.


Another commissioned handmade mosaic of our beloved Max!  


Because the Roman God of the sun, deserves a unique mosaic.


Our last custom mosaic  for January! Here’s one for Misty!

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